Olivia “Liv” Boeree is a TV Presenter, professional poker player and model. She was born in Kent, United Kingdom in 1984. She found poker when she was selected as one of five entrants into a reality show program, “ Showdown”. It was on the reality program when professional poker players coached her about the game –
Englishman Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliot
The “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth
Top Female Poker Player, Annie Duke
After the show, Liv began playing poker quite seriously. Her personality and looks landed her a TV presenting job with Gutshot TV. It was here she started working at the World Series of Poker Championships, Las Vegas in 2006.
Liv’s biggest poker tournament cash has been in the Ladbrokes Ladies Championship in 2008 worth $30,000.
Also in 2008, Liv has 2 World Series of Poker cashes to her name.
Liv is the Poker Ambassador for, you can play with Liv online right HERE